February 1, 2010

Dance on Camera program guide is now available online!

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For modern dance and performance art fans Meredith Monk: Inner Voice provides peace and tranquility and a transcendent beauty with its Buddhist philosopy while Breath Made Visibleexplores the bold life and work of dance pioneer Anna Halprin whose philosophy permeates every frame of this uplifting film: It proudly declares, “Create, Create, Create” which is what Anna has been doing in her fabulous Mill Valley enclave for decades.

You might know Anne Bass as a patron of the arts, a long-time supporter of the ballet, but now she becomes a filmmaker with the DOC’s opening film, Dancing Across Borders. This is a look at dancer Sakvannnara (“Sy”) Sar, whom Anne discovered in his Cambodian homeland, a dance talent that needed nurturing. The film traces Sy’s journey from Angor Wat to SAB and Pacific Northwest Ballet where he currently performs.  How does a kid who never saw a ballet become a ballet dancer?  What are the obstacles he has to endure?  Will he succeed in his life and in his art?  See the film on Jan 29 and join in on the discussion.

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