February 1, 2010

Positive mention in THE NEW YORK TIMES’ coverage of the Dance on Camera Film Festival!!

Filed under: Breath Made Visible

An excerpt from the piece:
“Breath Made Visible” (2009; 80 minutes) honors another 90-year-old, the dancer-choreographer-teacher and West Coast dance pioneer Anna Halprin. At times there is a “There’s life in this old buzzard yet” streak in her appearances here that’s irksome, and there is plenty that’s bizarre. But stay with it. Ms. Halprin becomes quite as rich a subject for film as Ms. Monk: another odd face, another wonderfully calm (though ardently enthusiastic) and open talker, another (and senior) artist who responds to both politics and scenery.

Though Ms Halprin may never have had the national or international fame of, say, Nikolais, she is actually less in danger of long-term oblivion because of her direct influence on, and encouragement of, generations of famous experimentalists, notably Merce Cunningham (there is an exceptional film clip of him as young dancer performing in her “Dance Deck”) and Trisha Brown. O pioneers!

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